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Norwich Events Organization holds fundraisers to raise 100% of the money necessary to support our events.  These include two major fundraising events, the annual Gala and the Ron Aliano Service Awards.  Additionally, smaller fundraising events may be added throughout the year.  These popular events include theme-based pub crawls, fun craft parties, and educational workshops.

We hope everyone had a good time at the 2020 St. Pats Gala and Soup Challenge!  Check out the photos from both events in the carousel below.

Franco and Lisa
Winner of the VIP Foxwoods Room
Rebecca Alberts These Guys Brewing
Francos Comedy
Franco's Comedy
Great Profit
Miria Gray and Franco
2020 Soup Challenge
Tulli's Tap House
Craftsman Cliff and These Guys
Cafe Otis and Uncle D's
Jewell Family
Nancy Isa and Dwayne Gardner
Soup Challenge
Soup Challenge
Soup Challenge
The Restaurants
2020 Winner Matthew DuTrumble Crafts
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